MJM 50z's New Glass Options

The "Easy To Drive 50-Footer" Just Got Even Better

MJM Yachts is now offering a complete glass enclosure as an option for the 50z, including sliding side glass windows in addition to an aft glass enclosure with a disappearing window. These new features bring a completely different experience to the 50. With the new glass windows, the boat gravitates toward a more streamlined aesthetic while still maintaining the amazing 360o views in the pilothouse. For those who enjoy the views, maneuvarbility and all around luxury that is the 50z but would prefer something sturdier, this new option is perfect! But, have no fear, if you still enjoy the ability to fully open up the pilothouse, the eisenglass sides remain the standard option. 


Another amazing and groundbreaking new option offered for the 50z is the rear glass pilothouse enclosure. Completely changing the aesthetic and feel looking aft in the pilothouse, this option improves visibility and elegance. A Dutch Door provides the option of ventilation while limiting open areas. Additionally, the starboard panel drops down into the deck to open the pilothouse even more, as well as function as a pass through window for drinks and hors d'oeuvre during happy hour.